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Tobacco has been vilified to the point where lies have become truth. However, when you walk in the door at The Hill Cigar Co. you are among friends.  One visit to The Hill Cigar Co. will convince you that we are a different kind of tobacco store.  Providing high quality products and service is our goal and we work hard at it every day.

The addition of the lounge brings our customers a new level of comfort and enjoyment. The relaxing atmosphere provides a place to talk, watch TV, read, work (if you have to) or just smoke a cigar. It has been designed with you in mind and we think it is a fantastic place to unwind and escape the pressures of everyday life.

Regular hours:

Monday-Saturday:  10AM-9PM

Sunday:  11AM-7PM

The Best Tobacconist in St. Louis

The Hill Cigar Co. is a part of the St. Louis neighborhood called "The Hill" which is famous for great restaurants, bocce ball, grocery stores and sports heroes. If you have never been to "The Hill" then reserve some time for lunch or dinner before heading to The Hill Cigar Co. for a smoke. You will enjoy the Italian hospitality, tradition and great food that makes this neighborhood such a special place.

The Hill Cigar Co. St. Louis' Premier Cigars & Tobacco Shop

St. Louis' Premier Cigar shop

Here at The Hill Cigar Co., we strongly believe that the only reason cigars enjoy their great popularity today is because they offer the best form in which tobacco can be used, presented and greatly enjoyed in the company of good friends.


The Hill Cigar Co. is about people who share a passion for cigars and pipes.