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Did you know?
The English term 'cigar' has been derived from the Spanish 'cigarro', which in turn is adapted from the Mayan word for tobacco, 'siyar'.

Hot Tip:
To keep a cigar from becoming harsh at the end, take your time. A slower smoked cigar will have less tar buildup at the end, and a more pleasant smoke.

Fun Fact:
A thousand tobacco seeds can fit inside a thimble.

Hot Tip:
An oilier cigar has a colder smoke, and therefore, has more flavors to taste. The nuances of cooler smoke are enjoyed by novices and seasoned smokers alike.

Did you know?
If a cigar is completely prepared from tobacco produced in only one country, it is referred to as 'puro', which in Spanish means 'pure'.

Did you know?
Aging allows a cigar to gain a rounder, softer, more complex flavor. With age, a cigar’s oils break down and intermingle, thus creating a profoundly satisfying smoke.

Hot Tip:
Plume appears as a white powder on a cigar, and is a sign of a premium cigar. Mold, appearing as bluish or fuzzy spots on a cigar, are a sign of a poorly maintained cigar/humidor. Spots of discoloration on a cigar often are water damage, and not blue mold.

Hot Tip:
Always smoke a cigar for a few minutes before attempting to remove a paper band. The heat from the smoke allows the adhesive on the band to loosen up, thus minimizing the chance you will damage the delicate wrapper.

Hot Tip:
A humidor's ideal conditions are between 69-74% humidity, and a consistent temperature near 72(F).

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