• The Hill Cigar Co. Humidor uses state of the art humidification, independent temperature control and proper air circulation to keep all of our cigars in perfect smoking condition.  We take pride in having the largest and best kept humidor in St. Louis.
  • People visit us here at the Hill Cigar Co. for many reasons, but the first and foremost of these reasons is our wide selection of cigars, pipe tobacco and accessories.  We have an astounding selection of products, from our over 650 different cigars, to our large pipe tobacco selection.  Cigars from all the major brands and many boutique makers can be found in our humidor. 
  • Don't know what you want?  Want to try something new?  New to cigar smoking?  Let our knowledgeable, friendly staff help you make a selection.
  • Pipes and pipe tobaccos are also well represented.  We feature pipes from Peterson, Savinelli,  Rossi and Missouri Meershaum.  We have tin and bulk pipe tobaccos to please the most discerning pipe smoker.
  • Don't see the brand or size you like?  Let our staff know and we will try our best to accommodate your taste.

The Best Tobacconist in St. Louis

Our Humidor

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