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Upcoming EVENTS​​​​

Oscar Valladares Event
With Special Guest Oscar VallAdares
Thursday, July 25th, 4PM-8PM

Oscar will be joining us for his first "official" event at The HCC.  Oscar's star has been on the rise in the cigar industry and he continues to break new ground with his creative blends and distinctive packaging.  He is a humble yet engaging man so don't miss this opportunity to meet him.  The HCC Special Edition Ciseron cigar will be featured with our custom artwork by the Honduran artist Ciseron.

C.L.E/Asylum Event
With Special Guest Christian Eiroa
Thursday, August 15th, 4PM-8PM

This will be Christian's first visit to St. Louis and will be a very special evening.  Christian is the founder of C.L.E Cigars which includes the C.L.E. Eiroa, Asylum and Wynwood cigar lines.  He is engaging and passionate about the cigar industry.  Christian is leading the way in the cigar industry combining premium tobacco tradition with modern farming, manufacturing and marketing techniques.  Don't miss your chance to meet this dynamic and fun loving guy.

La Flor Dominicana Night in Santiago
Thursday, September 19th, 4PM-8PM

Jarrod Saunders, Account Exec, will be hosting this special LFD event.  It has been a few years since our last event with LFD so don't miss the chance to pick up a few cigars and find out the latest on this incredible company from the Dominican Republic.


Jose has graciously agreed to present his world famous blending seminar at The HCC for the 3rd consecutive year.  Many of our customers have participated in the seminar before and learned a great deal about premium cigars from a tobacco master.  The seminar cigar is different each year so there is always an opportunity to learn more about the premium tobacco we enjoy.   Be it your first, second, or third seminar, Jose is always informative and entertaining.